Carbon Sports GmbH in Germany is the only manufacturer worldwide that produces the astonishing, complete carbon fibre made JETLEV-FLYER JF-300 with a powerful 300 HP four stroke marine engine. This exclusive device is the flagship of our product line and represents the ultimate in luxury, handling and performance.

Our second model, the revolutionary JETLEV-FLYER JF-220, is powered by an efficient 220 HP four stroke marine engine and is made out of LFI, composite and fibre glass for an every day use in rough water. It provides smooth, comfortable flights as well as exciting flying thrills.

In 2014 the market is being attacked by our brilliant innovation, the JF-120 SHARK.
Equipped with more features than expected from its unbeatable pricing, it will take your breath away with its fantastic performance due to little weight and small dimensions.

Our incredible personal flying machines combine their powerful engines and unique designs with water nozzle repulsion force to achieve stable, controlled flights.
A digital fly-by-wire system is used to activate the throttle.
For safety and performance only high quality materials and finest German engineering are used in manufacturing.
The JETLEV-FLYER technology allows exciting flight maneuvers above and even below the water surface. Nevertheless the JETLEV-FLYER is amazingly easy to learn and operate.
All our customers will be trained by a professional flight instructor to learn the special procedures of take-off, flying, turning, hovering, landing and diving.

Jetlev-Flyer has received the CE report of conformity from the German Lloyd (DNV-GL). This document is the European certification that certifies the Jetlev-Flyer on a continental and international level.
Experience the amazing sensation of levitation and personal flight that only our high quality JETLEV-FLYER products can provide.