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Jetpack Add-On Kit

We are proud to present the brand-new Jetpack Add-On Kit!
The most affordable way to fly your own jetpack. This racing kit allows you to use your jetski / PWC as power unit. It is compatible to Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki models.
Say hello to our breathtaking Jetpack Add-On Kit, our latest breakthrough in the watercraft sector. Your family’s dream of great days on the water is possible right now. The Jetpack Add-On Kit is playful and very easy to fly. Mounting our kit to your existing jetski is also extremely simple.
Our Jetpack Add-On Kit is meticulously designed and built in Germany to offer every type of pilot a great experience on the water.

Instead of mounting the water supply tube under the bottom of the PWC / jetski we use the way above which allows the boat unit to get easy on plane.
The Jetpack Add-On Kit is equipped with more features than you would expect from its attractive pricing.

Our patented electronics (Pilot Throttle Control) will allow you to start / stop your jetski from the jetpack and control the throttle / power of your PWC´s engine. Our bidirectional communication is so far the best available electronics in the hydrosport industry. To make your flight as safe and easy as possible the system contains four different power levels  and a kill switch.
You will love our idea to provide you with a plug and play electronics – our connectors fit with your PWC connectors – NO cutting wires / NO soldering.
Another advantage of our Jetpack-Addon-Kit is that you could upgrade the unit with all optional equipment like twinseat, remote control, ball bearing hose flange, jetpack stand and wireless control with a later purchase.

All of its advantages make it easier to say “Yes” each time you get asked “Can we go again?”
Easy to own, easy to fly and an absolute highlight!
You don´t buy only a Jetpack Add-On Kit, you will buy a new way of happiness.
Please don´t hesitate to contact us for further information.
We are looking forward to welcome you in our Jetlev-Flyer family!

PRICE : EUR 3,999* Jetpack Add-On Kit – all you need to get airborne

PRICE : EUR 5,999* Jetpack Add-On Kit  including Pilot Throttle Control + Electronics

PRICE : EUR 7,999* Jetpack Add-On Kit carbon fibre version

PRICE : EUR 9,589* Jetpack Add-On Kit carbon fibre version including Pilot Throttle Control + Electronics


Synthetic made backrest, in different colors available:
– Titanium Black – Spanish Red – Sunglow Yellow

Carbon fibre made backrest – visible carbon fibre

For both models:
Hard-coat-anodized airplane aluminum made parts
Stainless steel made parts
5-point-safety-harness, known out of racing sports
Adjustable arms
Adjustable seat

10m length
Made out of tightly woven textile, rubber-coated
Hard-coat-anodized aluminum flanges

hard-coat-anodized aluminum venturi for your specified jetski model
Patented Jetlev-Flyer Y-Tube-System, made out of stainless steel
2 hoses, made out of tightly woven textile, rubber-coated, mounted to the Y-tube
hard-coat-anodized aluminum Y-tube with stainless steel cable to tow your PWC


For proper jetpack storage and for comfortable buckle on procedure
Made out of complete hard-coat-anodized aluminum tubes
Dismountable in three segments


Take a passenger with you.
Perfect for family, rental and training issues.
Enjoy flight thrills together!


Perfect for training issues
Waterproof housing
Light weight
Radio coverage up to 800m / half mile
Start / stop engine function
Throttle control function

PRICE: EUR 1,290*

Spin around as much as you want
Fly without any limits
The hose can’t kink because it´s connected with a ball bearing flange


You don't buy only a Jetpack Add-On Kit, you will buy a new way of happiness.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.
We are looking forward to welcome you in our Jetlev-Flyer family!

jetlev-flyer jetpack ad-ons kit
* All Prices are Net/Ex Works Itzehoe/Germany